What information is needed to register a domestic helper or private childcare?

  • Updated:
  • Damjan Schmid

Various personal data of the employer and employee as well as contract-related information are requested in the online registration process so that quitt can register your employee in your private household.

What the article is about:

  • Data requested in the quitt registration process
  • Employer, employee and employment contract data
  • quitt only asks for necessary information

All necessary data are summarized below. For employments subject to social insurance (monthly salary over 538 €) and minijobs (monthly salary under 538 €), different information is required in some cases:

Employer data

  • Title, first and last name, maiden name if applicable
  • Address, e-mail and phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Operating number (if none exists, quitt will apply for it free of charge)
  • Tax number (not tax ID)

Employee data

  • Title, first and last name
  • Address, e-mail, and phone number
  • Nationality
  • Bank account holder and IBAN
  • Date of birth
  • Pension insurance number (if not available, name, place and country of birth)
  • Existence of a statutory health insurance
  • Existence of student status
  • Tax ID (only for jobs over 538 € per month)
  • Name of health insurance company (only for jobs over 538 € per month)
  • Number of children and date of birth of children (only for jobs over 538 € per month)

Contract information

  • Other employment relationships of employee
  • Place of work and job
  • Start of contract and end of contract, if applicable
  • Monthly gross salary or hourly wage (only for minijobs)
  • Workload on how many days per week or per month
  • Wage payment date (only for minijobs)

quitt only asks for data that are necessary for the registration with authorities and accounting of your domestic help or caregiver.