Which activities belong to household-related services of a minijob?

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  • Lena Ardelt

What the blog is about:

  • In the case of a mini-job, only household-related services can be registered on behalf of private employers
  • Household-related services are activities that are usually performed by persons of the own household
  • Register and manage household services on a mini-job basis with quitt

Private employers of a minijob

Private employers of mini-jobs, such as domestic help, nannies, gardeners, etc., are supported by the state, not least to counteract the high rate of undeclared work in private households. Private individuals therefore have significantly lower costs than commercial employers of a mini-job. The activities that can be registered privately are thus limited to so-called household-related services. In addition, a tax benefit of 20% of the total employer costs (max. 510 €) is available to the private employer in the course of the annual income tax declaration.

What is included in the household-related services of a minijob?

Your mini-jobber may perform all so-called household-related activities in the private household. As a rule, these are activities that are usually performed by persons of the household.

The table below shows the household-related services including examples:

Register minijobs in private households with quitt

You can use quitt to register all activities that belong to the household-related services as a mini-job. In the case of private employments subject to social insurance contributions, meaning with a salary of over 520€ per month, other activities can also be registered and managed.