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What is a fair wage for a private domestic help?

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  • Lena Ardelt

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  • We explain the minimum wage
  • Our wage recommendation for your household help
  • What all of this means for you as quitt customer

What does minimum wage mean?

The minimum wage is a legally prescribed wage limit that may not be undercut. It is regulated by the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG). The aim is to create fair pay, prevent underpayment and protect against old age poverty.

The minimum wage in Germany

The statutory minimum wage in Germany is 12 euros gross per working hour and it applies to all employees and interns over the age of 18, regardless of the activity, working hours or scope of employment. Employers are obliged to record working conditions and working hours. The time sheet must be kept for two years.

Develop the Statutory Minimum Wage in Germany

Date Minimum Wage Minimum Wage 40 Hours Week Increase in percent
Oct. 2022 12,00 € 2.080 € 14,8 %
Jul. 2022 14,45 € 1.811 € 6,4 %
Jan. 2022 9,82 € 1.702 € 2,3 %
Jul. 2021 9,60 € 1.664 € 1,1 %
Jan. 2021 9,50 € 1.647 € 1,6 %
Jan. 2020 9,35 € 1.621 € 1,7 %
Jan. 2019 9,19 € 1.593 € 4,0 %
Jan. 2017 8,84 € 1.532 € 4,0 %
Jan. 2015 8,50 € 1.473 €
Jan. 2015: Introduction of 1st minimum wage in Germany

Monitoring compliance of the minimum wage payment is the responsibility of the Financial Control of Clandestine Employment (FKS) of the Federal Customs Administration. Violations of the Minimum Wage Act can result in a fine of up to 500.000 euros and violations of obligations, such as the documentation of working hours, can be punished with up to 30.000 euros.

What is a fair pay for my household help?

In Germany, private domestic helpers receive an average of between 14 to 15 euros per hour. However, the actual wage is highly dependent on where you live. We recommend an hourly wage of at least 15 euros to create a fair and trusting working relationship.

What does this all mean for quitt customers?

Agree on a reasonable wage directly with your household help. When registering with quitt, you can freely choose the wage, but it cannot fall below the minimum wage. However, please note that with the increase in the minimum wage in October 2022, the remuneration limit in the minijob was also adjusted from 450 euros to 520 euros per month and in the midijob from 1.600 euros to 2.000 euros per month. The limits have an impact on the type of employment as well as the employer costs.