Interview with a nanny – tips for parents

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  • Lena Ardelt

The interview with a potential nanny is a crucial appointment that can quickly give parents an idea of whether the person is a good fit for their family and can meet their requirements.

What the blog is about:

  • How can I make sure that the nanny is a good fit for my family
  • Which questions are useful in the interview
  • What general conditions and next steps need to be defined

First of all, it is recommended to create a pleasant and undisturbed atmosphere for the interview so that the focus can be on the exchange. Parents can then use the following questions in the interview to find out more about the nanny, their motivation and values and thus check whether they can imagine working with them. 

1. Why do you work with children?

This question helps to understand the nanny’s commitment and motivation. A good nanny always has a passion for working with children and often has personal experiences or reasons that motivate him or her.

2. How do you respond to the needs of children?

This is about recognizing the educational approach and sensitivity of the nanny. A suitable nanny should be empathetic and able to recognize the needs and feelings of the children and respond appropriately.

3. What is particularly important to you when working together?

The answer to this question gives an insight into the nanny’s expectations and priorities with regard to working with the whole family. This is particularly about values, but also about requirements and demands. At this point, it is particularly important to have many points of agreement.

4. for how long have you been looking after children and how old were they at the time?

The experience of a nanny is an important factor in determining whether she is suitable. Special knowledge can also be asked for, for example experience in dealing with newborns, twins or children with disabilities.

5. What would you do in an emergency situation?

Being able to act responsibly in emergency situations is a basic requirement. This knowledge is taught in first aid courses and should be refreshed every two years. It shows commitment and appreciation when parents pay for this course.

Of course, salary expectations, working hours and requirements such as a travel companion must also be discussed. If both parties have a good gut feeling after a successful interview, a test day is recommended.

A comprehensive initial interview can be the foundation for a harmonious and long-term collaboration if both parties are open, honest and appreciative.

A guest article from Nannynetzwerk. The experts for private childcare: workshops, placements and community.