What are advantages of employing a domestic helper privately via quitt compared to other services?

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  • Damjan Schmid

What the blog is about: 

  • Private employment of a domestic helper has clear advantages over the employment through an agency
  • 86% of Germans look for a domestic helper they can fully trust
  • Hiring a domestic helper directly through quitt is cheaper, fair and always correct

The difference between private employment and employment via an agency

If one uses the service of an agency, which offers cleaners, nannies, gardeners and caregivers online, your helper is provided on hourly basis.The domestic helper is then either employed by the respective agency or works independently. With quitt, on the other hand, you can employ your domestic helper directly on a private basis and still have them registered with the authorities. The employment relationship exists between you and your domestic helper and quitt takes care of the entire registration, administration and billing processes – you do not have to worry about anything. Private employment through quitt ensures a trusting relationship and the employment is financially more attractive for both employee and employer.

A relationship based on trust is essential

Apart from your own family, hardly anyone has such a deep insight into your private life than your domestic helper or childcare. With private employment, you are not only assured that the same person will always show up, but as an employer you can also choose who you let in to your private space. Furthermore the employment relationship lasts much longer. And your domestic helper too can choose an employer with whom they feel comfortable. This way, a personal relationship can be built. A trusting working relationship in the private household is particularly important to Germans: 86% explicitly look for a domestic helper whom they can fully trust.

Direct employment is financially more attractive

Private employment via quitt is financially more attractive for employee and employer. For you as an employer, the high fees of an agency as well as the VAT on the hourly salary are eliminated. Directly employed domestic helpers saves agency fees for the hour worked and self-employed domestic helpers save the high health insurance and pension contributions. Furthermore, your domestic helper receives the exact salary in which was agreed upon together. You as an employer can be sure that the employment relationship is fair, because quitt takes care of the correct implementation (registration, administration and billing) according to your needs.