Employment Contract for Household Helper

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  • Damjan Schmid

An private employment contract is the heart of the working relationship with your domestic helper or childcare. It not only establishes a general legal framework, but also specifies working hours, holidays and salary.

What the blog is about

  • Regardless of the activity of your domestic helper and the employment relationship between you, an employment contract should be closed.
  • In Germany, written proof of the general conditions of the employment relationship is mandatory
  • quitt provides a pre-filled sample employment contract for you at the end of the registration process

Is an employment contract mandatory in private households?

Whether cleaning lady, cleaner, gardener or nanny, mini-, midi- or full-time job, an employment contract should be closed regardless of the activity and salary.

However, a written employment contract is not legally binding. An employment contract is subject to the so-called freedom of form and can be held into account in writing or verbally. However, the risk with a verbal contract is very high on both sides. After all, evidence must be presented in the event of inconsistencies. An exception is, for example, a fixed-term employment contract, which must be concluded in writing.

However, it is legally obligatory to record the general conditions in a written document between your domestic helper and yourself as the private employer.

What needs to be put in writing?

If you close an employment contract with your domestic helper or create a written record, some aspects are to be included by law. These are, for example, place of work, start and, if applicable, end of employment, salary, annual leave, but also holiday entitlement and type of activity. You can make further provisions on a voluntary basis, such as the mandatory presentation of a certificate of good conduct or confidentiality agreements on matters within your own four walls.

Of course, any form of employment contract is null and void in the case of undeclared work and is only valid upon official registration.

quitt offers a fair model employment contract for private households

Regardless of the obligation, we strongly recommend concluding a written employment contract in order to mutually determine the general conditions and prevent disagreements. At the end of your registration with quitt, you will receive a legally verified sample employment contract that has been filled out in advance with your sample data and includes all mandatory information. We thus ensure fair working conditions for both sides. You can then adapt the sample contract to your personal requirements.