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Employ and insure your cleaner correctly.

We take care of the registration, administration and billing of your private cleaner. Including sample employment contract, hour tracking and insurances.Register in 5 minutes, from 7€ per month.


quitt includes everything private employers need

Registration of your cleaner with all authorities, incl. “Betriebsnummer”
Registration and settlement of compulsory insurances
Legally correct sample employment contract
Monthly payroll according to legal requirements
Reimbursement in case of illness, accident and pregnancy
Personal customer support and practical templates
Digital customer area incl. working time recording and vacation calculator
Annual wage tax certificate and cost overview

How quitt works


Find a cleaner

You independently search for cleaning help of your choice.


Register with quitt

Register yourself and your private workforce with quitt.


Record employment

Determine salary and use quitt’s handy contract template.


Make use of time

Enjoy more free time and a correct, fair working relationship.


quitt is 40% cheaper and 100% fairer than cleaning agencies

The fee of a cleaning service agency is much more expensive than quitt. VAT is only added to the quitt fee for private employment and not to the total hourly wage. In addition, as a private employer you set the terms of employment and decide on a fair wage – which your cleaning help will actually receive. The wage through private households is usually much higher than the payment through cleaning companies.


Register and save taxes

The correct registration of your cleaner is rewarded with a monthly tax deduction of up to 42.50€ (minijob) or 330€ (midijob).



per Month incl. VAT

per hour worked incl. VAT

  • No registration fee
  • Cancel anytime
  • Max 39 € per month


So how much does quitt cost?

With us you will save not only time but also money. By registering your domestic help you will receive a monthly tax discount of up to 42,50€. At the end of the year, our service and the employer costs are for free.


The best arguments for choosing quitt


Based on your information, quitt will know what you need. We decide with which authorities we have to register you and which social security contributions you have to pay as a result of your employment. quitt ensures that your employment is managed professionally and socially just.

Compliant with law

No stress with changes in the law – quitt remains up to date for you! Every year, we revise all rates of our partners, compensation offices and authorities in Germany!

Everything from a single source

Instead of communicating with many different authorities, you only communicate with quitt or conveniently log in to your personal customer account. In addition to practical templates, you will find all the necessary information and documents concerning your employment.

Lean back and relax

quitt takes care of all your paperwork and communicates with all relevant authorities: Registers, administers, pays your bills and supports you in all aspects of your employment. Other providers may tell you what to do but only quitt actually does it for you so that you can sit back and relax!


9’828 reviews from 11 years quitt in Switzerland

4.7 of 5

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Good to know for employers and employees

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My household help doesn’t want to be registered. How do I convince them about quitt?

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Why should you register your household help via quitt and not directly with the Minijob-Zentrale?

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Further questions?

quitt is aimed at private employers of domestic help of any kind with a salary of max. 520 euros per month or 6.240 euros per year. This type of employment is called minijob. Your domestic helper may earn a total of max. 520 euros per month for all minijobs together, unless she/he has a main job that is subject to insurance, in which case she/he may have one minijob with a salary of up to 520 euros.

Soon we will extend our quitt service to all domestic helpers, that means in the area of Midijobs, regardless of their earnings.

An official employment relationship is not only required by law, but also brings many advantages for employers.
You as an employer create a legal and fair working relationship with your domestic helper, have tax advantages, are covered in case of a work accident, and enjoy a right to reimbursement for absences due to illness or pregnancy thanks to the employers’ insurance.
Your domestic helper, on the other hand, contributes to society, has a right to paid leave and social, pension, health, and accident insurances.
Furthermore, both you and your employee may be subject to high financial penalties and claims of social security contributions, either due to a work accident or via a random control of customs duty in Germany.

In the event of a work accident, illness or pregnancy, both you as employer and your employee are insured. This means that your domestic helper is entitled to continued payment of wages for the days on which the work would have been performed. However, you will be reimbursed 80% of the wages paid in case of accident and sickness and 100% in case of pregnancy or maternity.
You can easily enter the sick days in your Myquitt area by clicking on “Hours” in “Payments” and selecting Sickness. Your domestic helper must provide you with a medical certificate from the third day of sickness by law. This must be stored by employers.
This procedure also applies to sick leave due to a work accident, commuting accident or occupational sickness. In addition, you must immediately report the accident to the statutory accident insurance. Please understand that quitt cannot handle accident reporting for you due to complexity and liability reasons.
In case of pregnancy, please inform us of the expected date of delivery of your employee. Your domestic helper may work up to 6 weeks prior to delivery (unless a medical certificate is provided). Continuation of pay applies 6 weeks before and up to 8 weeks after birth. You will receive 100% of the paid wages back from the employer’s insurance.
quitt will take care of the reimbursement for you in all cases. You will receive the money from the employer’s insurance directly to your bank account.

For the employment of a domestic helper in the private household, you will receive 20% (max. 42.50 euros per month or 510 euros per year) of the total employer costs back during your tax return. This tax benefit can sometimes be even higher than the employer costs you pay.
2/3 of the childcare costs (max. 4.000 euros per child) up to the age of 14 can be deducted from your tax declaration as a special expense.Please note that you can either claim back 20% of the total employer costs for household activities or 2/3 of the childcare costs for the same employee.
quitt provides the necessary documents for you to apply for a tax refund.

quitt takes over the entire registration, administration, and accounting processes of domestic helpers for private employers. Our service includes, among others, accounting, payment of social security contributions, submission of claims for reimbursement in the event of illness, pregnancy, or accident at work. As an employer, you have an online customer portal where all information about your employment relationship is made available to you. Here you will find all documents related to your employment relationship, such as a sample employment contract or your annual wage cost overview for the tax return. An overview of the hours worked and expenses or a holiday calculator is also available to you.

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