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quitt’s vision:

Fair employment

In Germany, every employer is required by law to register and insure their domestic help with the authorities. Nevertheless, 2.9 million private households in Germany employ their domestic helpers illegally. They pay neither social security nor taxes. We at quitt take over all legal tasks for employers and ensure correct employment, insurance; and professional administration.


quitt as a quality and market leader, strives to continuously improve its services. We are therefore very interested in feedback from customers, employees, and partners.



With quitt. you ensure that your household help is insured against unemployment, accident, and disability and receives pension when they retire.


quitt gives great importance to transparent customer information. All registrations with authorities and insurance companies as well as your wage costs are transparently listed in the customer account. You can see in detail which services we provide for you.



You can rely on our work. Our experts will answer your questions competently, reliably and within reasonable time. They take care of everything so that you don’t have to.

About quitt

quitt is known as the number 1 in Switzerland for registering and managing domestic help. We facilitate the registration, insurance and payroll of domestic helpers for employers in Switzerland since 2011. Domestic helpers registered with quitt benefit from correct employment with insurance and payment of social security contributions. This means that employers and employees are “quitt”. In our office in Zurich we have about 30 people of eight different nationalities. In June 2022, we opened an office in Munich for the German market.

Our history

We are quitt

quitt opens its first office in Munich, Germany. An extensive TV, print and online advertising campaign “We are quitt –” is launched in Switzerland. 100.000 quitt shares become publicly tradable on Aktionariat.


The visual appearance of quitt is redesigned. The customer account is revised to make it even easier to use, for example by recording hours via QR code. quitt becomes a trading company and is the first company in Switzerland to digitalize its shares on the Ether Blockchain.


quitt offers a solution for employment in Switzerland that is subject to pension funds. In 2015, quitt is awarded as “SEF.High-Potential SME” and in 2016 quitt reaches the second place of the “Swiss Economic Awards” of the Swiss Economic Forum. Marie-Christin Kamann becomes managing director of quitt in 2018.


David Christen and Daniel Moser found Service Hunter AG as a spin-off of ETH Zurich. With, the automated registration and accounting of all social security contributions for private individuals is offered in 2011. Generali is won as an insurance partner and with the help of well-known business angels, such as the Doodle founders, financing is obtained. quitt makes it into the list of the “Top 100 Startups” in Switzerland.

The brand quitt.

quitt. damit Sie quitt sind.per pareggiare i conti.pour vous rendre make you even.para que estés en paz.para que fique quites.

The new logo of quitt. reflects our values and symbolizes your signature at the end of your employment contract, the total on your pay slip and the dot at the end of a sentence. We take care of all the administrative tasks involved in a household job. So that you are always even with your employee and everything fits. Full stop.