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We take care of the registration, administration, and salary payment for private employers of domestic helpers. quitt is always free for employees.

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llegal work is not worth it. Especially not for you!

Undeclared work robs you of privileges that you receive with legal employment. Among other things, you benefit from:

Continued salary payment during illness
Paid vacation
Protection against old-age poverty
Fair salary
Protection in case of accident
A society of solidarity
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quitt includes
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Monthly payslip by email
Vacation calculator
Support in the event of an insurance claim
Annual salary overview and income tax certificate
Handling of multiple employments

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Undeclared work is also illegal in private households and comes with numerous disadvantages.

If your employer registers the employment relationship via quitt, fair and correct working conditions are guaranteed. You are entitled to paid sick days, holidays, maternity leave and public holidays. In the event of an accident at work, you are covered and still receive money. You also protect yourself against poverty in old age and you are part of a society based on solidarity.

Registering via quitt is easy and always free of charge for employees.

For quitt to be able to register employees in private households, various personal and contract-related data are required. Your employer requires the following data from you as an employee:

Title, first name and surname
Address, e-mail and telephone number
Account holder and IBAN
Date of birth
Pension insurance number (if not available, name, place and country of birth)
Existence of statutory health insurance
Existence of student status
Tax ID (only for jobs over €538 per month)
Name of health insurance company (only for jobs over €538 per month)
Number of children and date of birth of children (only for jobs over €538 per month)

quitt only asks for information that are required by the authorities for the registration and payroll.

Of course, you can work in several households at the same time. However, the regulations on multiple employment are very complicated in Germany and have an impact on your final net salary.

Ask our support team about how your individual case should be handled, what impact the type of job has on your salary and how you are insured in each case.

Your employer registers with quitt with all relevant data. You will receive a monthly payslip as well as an annual salary overview and, if applicable, an income tax statement by email from quitt.

You can also use quitt support free of charge if you have any questions about your working relationship, salary or payroll.