Salary calculator for employments in private households

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  • Damjan Schmid

With our salary calculator, you can calculate the net salary and your employer costs for your domestic or garden help, caregiver, or private childcare without obligation and for free.

What the article is about:

  • Wage cost calculator for mini-jobs and employments subject to social security contributions
  • Costs for private employments of domestic help or childcare
  • Calculate wage costs for pensioners and students as employees in private households

Find out your employer costs and the net salary with our quitt salary calculator

Our wage cost calculator for private households is available for all types of employment and professions in private households, from nanny to cleaning help and gardener.

For mini-jobs, we recommend our “simple” calculator, as far less information is required for an accurate calculation.

For employments subject to social security contributions, i.e. midijobs or part-time or full-time jobs, we recommend our complex salary calculator, so you can calculate employer costs and net wages more precisely.

How much does it cost to employ a private domestic helper or private childcare?

The employer costs for private employers vary depending on the form of employment. While the employment of a mini-jobber in a private household is just under 15% of the gross salary, the employer costs for a midi-job are between 20% and 28% of the gross salary. For part-time or full-time employment, costs of about 20% are to be expected. The total employer costs are tax deductible for all forms of employment.

Furthermore, factors such as the status of the employee, whether he or she is a pensioner or a student, or the employee’s health insurance, have an influence on the costs of private employment relationships.

You can enter your data in our salary cost calculator to calculate the exact employer costs and the employee’s net salary.