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We are quitt.

Switzerland's No. 1 for registering and managing your domestic help. Simple, fair, digital.


We are quitt.

Switzerland's No. 1 for registering and managing your domestic help. Simple, fair, digital.


9’826 reviews from 11 years quitt

4.7 of 5

quitt includes everything private employers need

Registration with all involved authorities
Conclusion of the compulsory accident insurance
Legally correct employment contract
Monthly and annual salary statements
Settlement of all social security contributions, taxes and insurance premiums
Personal customer support and practical templates

How quitt works


Find domestic help

Decide on a domestic helper of your choice.


Register with quitt

Register yourself and your private worker with quitt.


Create contract

Record the employment relationship with quitt’s practical contract template.


Enjoy free time

Enjoy more free time and a correct, fair working relationship.

Find cleaners near you – fast and free of charge

Find cleaners in your area with the quitt search service. Simple, fast and digital. Get in touch directly – free of charge!


Pay fair wages

With quitt, you define the wage together with your private worker. Both parties have an overview at all times, with full transparency.

Exact calculation

Wages Paid: CHF

Gross Wages: CHF

Cost Employer: CHF

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The best arguments for choosing quitt

The best arguments for choosing quitt

Any questions?

quitt has three pricing models. Which model is best for you depends on how many hours your home help will work for you in the current calendar year. You can find all details in our price overview. By the way, compared to the commission of cleaning help intermediaries, the quitt fee is very reasonable. Read our blog post on the subject.

In addition to the compulsory accident insurance, a sick pay- and household insurance can be taken out optionally and exclusively via quitt with Baloise Insurance. Also, there is the possibility to take out an employer defence insurance with our partner Assista. You can find all details about the different insurances here.

Private workers hired with the help of quitt benefit from correct insurance and payment of social security contributions, as well as a digital overview of their employment relationships and labor documents. Compared to being hired through a cleaning company, your domestic help earns on average twice as much with quitt. The amount of the salary is always transparent, determined by you and your worker. Here you can find more information on fair wages for nannies and cleaning helpers. Together with you we reach the goal of our vision: Fair and correct employment conditions in Swiss private households as standard.